Jacob Tækker: Man in a Box at Nikolai Kunsthal

Presented in Nicholas Kunsthal, Thursday June 28th at 17-18
The Danish artist Jacob Tækker launches a new artwork “Man in a Box” which is an app for the iPhone / iPad.

The app is free on the day.

Come and try the app and hear Jacob Tækker in conversation with game expert Thomas Vigild about apps as a new artistic medium.

About the work:
“I see Man in a Box as a” virtual performance “, says Jacob Tækker.
In my earlier works, I have often assumed characters and roles that are fictitious ie, a spaceman, a cave man, but also the roles that are more minimal and thus closer to my own person. This is the case in Man in a Box, the digital character is built around my persona and I see it as a digital version of myself, and try to add that quality. So that it is “me” you download and it is “me” you can throw around. I want to give the viewer a feeling that there is an entity in their mobile, a life which they have control over. You have the artist / art in the palm of your hand, so to speak. ”

“Man in a Box” is Jacob Tækkers second computer-based work. The first was “Today I Died” in 2011, which was shown at the exhibition “Space Invaders” in Nikolai Kunsthal on November 11th 2011 – January 29th 2012. Both are works in which the viewer helps to activate the work.

“Man in a Box” has been developed in collaboration with Haandholdt (http://haandholdt.com/)
Haandholdt is: Kaspar Bonnen, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum, Marie Bach Nielsen, Thomas J. Papa.

The event is part of Nikolaj Kunsthal event series Game Open! Game Open! ranging from talks, where game developers and the audience is brought closer together, to events focusing on experiments with the game universe.

June 24, 2012
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