Open Call

Make an App for an artistic reason!

Haandholdt is looking for ambitious art projects – artistic experiences as apps for mobile platforms.

The artistic idea, concept and expression is the most important, but a great project also reflects that the medium in question is a mobile device with different technical possibilities.

You should be able to provide all audio and visual material for app, including possible navigation elements.

What we need from you:
A written project description (max 1A4)
1 (or more) sketch(es) of the app as you would like it (drawings, photo or the like)

What you get from us:
Feedback and advice for the project (artistic as well as technical)
Your project developed, programmed and distributed by Haandholdt


September 1st 2013

Please mail a proposal to:
Read more about the development process in the FAQ or call +4560438666

What is Haandholdt?
Handholdt is a group of artists and App developers that wants to create ambitious art projects for mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets in the form of apps. We want to create works on the platforms and tools that many people are in the closest contact with every day, and that seems to create new ways for us to interact with the surroundings.
A number of new technical tools make the interaction with handheld devices into a tactile and dynamic experience. They are sensitive to many different movements, can track your progress and offers its own sense of the world through the camera and microphone.

Why a Haandholdt artapp?
We believe that there is an absence of ambitious works of art that can challenge and provide a different type of experience and way of experiencing the world, and offer a break from an otherwise operational consumer culture.
Haandholdt invites Danish and foreign artists to express their artistic contributions to the platform.