FAQ: How to create an art app in collaboration with Haandholdt

Can I make anything?

In theory: Yes. We would like to assist in creating projects and original visions of an artist brought to the handheld platforms of our time.

In real life: Probably not. Your project has to comply with the technical requirements of the platforms you wish to use. Are you planning to use iPhone or iPad, your project also has to be approved by the Apple.

Can I hire a programmer myself?

If you want to use Haandholdt funding, Haandholdt has to agree to price and scope of the collaboration. Haandholdt usually uses freelance programmers based around the world.

Can I hire a writer or photographer?

Not if your want HH to pay for it :-) The HH funding goes toward the technical realization of apps.

$$ and €€
You decide the price of the app in App Store or other marketplaces. You get 80 % of sales, we keep 20 % – the money is used for creating other art apps in Haandholdt.
We are solely supported by funding, until now by Kunststyrelsen.
All members of Handholdt are working pro bono.

Other questions

Please contact Haandholdt