GrApp Your Identity

by Kenneth A. Balfelt

An art project by Kenneth A. Balfelt in collaboration with Nicolai Carlberg, ethnologist, Matilde Nordseth, illustrator / animator, Johan August, project developer, Cultural Institution Vesterbro and pupils Oehlenschlægersgades School, curated by Nikolaj during ArtReach. Website developed by Maitri and produced by Haandholdt.

GrApp your identity ( provides children and young people of other ethnic origins more knowledge about their country of origin, its culture and religion. The idea for GrApp based on the insight that we as humans are less likely to absorb and engage with the unfamiliar or unknown – for example. the Danish – so long as we are uncertain of our own background and identity. At the same time bear this uncertainty often young people from engaging with the outside world about conditions in their country of origin or religion.

Concept: Kenneth A. Balfelt

Production counseling & support: Haandholdt

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