By Anders Monrad

The Virtuoso interface is based on a combination of multi-touch and accelerometer input, which suggests a gestural and bodily control of the app: By moving the phone around with one or more fingers pressed on the screen, the user can control and manipulate 5 different synthesizers each generating abstract electronic sound using additive, physical modelling-, FM, subtractive and granular synthesis.

While playing on the app by triggering up to 5 different sounds one by one, a 15-second musical composition and a simple graphical sequence is created and stored by built-in algorithms. Releasing the fingers again will activate and play the stored sounds and graphics.

Virtuoso is an instrument, an interactive composition and a graphic work in one: a kind of digital Gesamtkunstwerk, the user can operate on a phone like the classical music virtuoso who enters into a symbiotic, sensuous relation with his instrument.

Produced by Haandholdt